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Effective Customer Acquisitions for Agencies.

Digital Quotes Australia connects Australian marketing agencies with qualified local businesses. Our qualified opportunity service allows our agencies to receive detailed briefs, and listen to qualifying voice recordings from our customers. When an enquiry is submitted, we will contact the customer and ask about their requirements and qualify them for you. The brief and voice recording is then submitted into the ‘portal’ and our agencies are alerted via email.

Marketing agencies can then view the customers contact details, introduce their solution and pitch their agency - and hopefully convert into customers! Our service has effective been able to save our agencies up to 40% of their marketing and lead generation costs.


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Agencies Biggest Hurdles


The biggest hurdle of any digital agency whether an SEO, Web design or app development company is the ability to acquire new customers. The growth of the business is reliant on 2 simple, yet expensive and challenging processes.


1. Find & Attract opportunities
2. Acquire new customers

Why Use Our Portal?


What we’ ve found is that when customers are in the final stage of their purchasing decision they are always seeking multiple quotes from digital services providers, usually between 3-5 quotes.


Our service conveniently solves 2 problems. Customers and agencies are matched based on their profiles. It‘s almost like a dating app, to help you find your ideal customer!


We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars developing “The Portal”. A marketplace for Agencies to easily identify opportunities they would like to connect with.

We’ve called it the
“Heat Score System”

The “Heat Score” is a qualification questionnaire via recorded phone conversation by our Agents. We obtain the following information from customers that are interested in engaging a marketing company.

The following questions are asked to establish the “Heat Score”:
1. How long has the business been trading?
2. How many employees does the business currently have?
3. What is the projected marketing budget, monthly or total?
4. How urgently are they seeking to engage with a provider?


  • View opportunity quality, profiles, and voice recordings
  • effortlessly and more effective than tradition marketing!
We take care of Marketing Cost & Attract Opportunities
We take care of Marketing Cost & Attract Opportunities
We qualify customers and get you a “Heat Score”
We qualify customers and get you a “Heat Score”
All info and Voice recordings available pre-purchase
All info and Voice recordings available pre-purchase
You make purchases according to your desired customer profile
You make purchases according to your desired customer profile


The customer is fully aware the call is being recorded, and the information shared to find a suited provider based on their requirements. Once the qualification questions have been answered, the data is submitted into the portal which will notify you via email and will appear in your “Providers Dashboard.”  


Review My Agency
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Your dashboard displays a list of qualified customers and the corresponding qualification questions for your review:  

Service required & estimated budget (monthly or total)

Heat level (% Rating) - Size of business, how many staff they employ and estimated start date.

Listen to the recorded phone conversation. And further notes provided in the form of a 'brief'.

You can then choose to contact the customer to win the opportunity.


You can now listen to the recorded conversation and verify the authenticity and enquiry of the opportunity before you decide to purchase. A maximum of 5 providers are eligible to purchase the same opportunity.


Once you purchase the opportunity, the customer's information is revealed to you and you may contact the customer directly via phone and email. Alternatively, you may use our secure messaging system which will log all the particulars discussed between you and the potential prospect to avoid discrepancies in your agreement.

The Agencies User Experience

Get a true birds eye view of our Portal, and CRM

The Agencies User Experience

Email notification when new opportunities are qualified

Detailed brief & recordings of each opportunity

Connect with the right customers for your agency

Frequently asked questions

How is are opportunity Cost Calculated?

The cost of each opportunity is dependent on the quality and Heat Score. Opportunity prices are calculated case by case and usually vary between $50-$100 per opportunity. Better opportunities with higher monthly budgets may reach $150-$200 each.

What if an opportunity I've purchased is already data that I own?

With provided email trails we will credit your account if it is within 30 days of purchasing from the portal  

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