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Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry that changes by the minute. If your business is looking to enact an online campaign – or wants to improve its current digital strategy – professional help is often necessary.


Why Engage a Marketing Consultant?

An online marketing consultant will generally visit your office on a predetermined schedule, working alongside your team to share knowledge and direct internet marketing efforts. From search engine optimisation and website conversion optimisation, through to social media and pay per click advertising, they often have experience spanning most facets of the digital sphere.

When it comes to SEO in particular, expert assistance is vital. Many SEO consultants specialise in SEO and SEO only; it’s a complex field that requires in-depth technical understanding and knowhow in order to achieve success.

Whether you are looking for an expert SEO consultant or an all-round marketing specialist, Marketing Quotes can put you in touch with an agency that can provide you with the advice and assistance you need. We have access to professionals across Australia, from Melbourne to Perth and everywhere in between.

The benefits of hiring a marketing consultant

There are many benefits to hiring a digital specialist:
  • Access to the latest digital trends and tools

    Industry professionals stay abreast of current trends and new tools that are available – after all, it’s their job!

  • Gain an outsider’s perspective

    Sometimes it is beneficial to gain an outsider’s perspective of how your business works – you never know what you’ll learn! A consultant will also work alongside your current team, imparting invaluable knowledge in the process.

  • Access to industry-specific expertise and contacts

    Many industry experts will have worked with businesses similar to yours in the past. They understand what works within your industry and what doesn’t.

  • Improve website leads and sales

    This is the end goal. An experienced professional should be able to implement a campaign that drives website traffic, increases leads, and boost sales.

  • Cost effective

    Hiring a marketing consultant often proves cheaper in comparison to hiring full time, in-house marketing staff, as you are only paying for the work they do – rather than all the benefits and entitlements of full time staff.

  • No strings attached

    The greatest thing about hiring a marketing consultant is that you are not tied into any contracts. You simply pay them based on the agreed hourly/daily rate.

  • " We have a family owned door company in Perth, which we decided to expand and sell Australia wide. Michael from Marketing Quotes helped us connect with 5 online marketing providers so we can compare our options. We are now 3 months into our campaigns and things are growing quickly. Great Service! "

    Jeremy Mackersey
    Managing Director

    I received quotes from 3 reputable digital Agencies. Although one stood out among the rest because they understood our business. Thanks for providing this free service.


    Within 2 hours I had all the research I needed to make a informed marketing decision for my local business. Very seamless and simple quoting process. Highly Recommended! 


    Best way to find a good Agency! Fast and reliable.


    We tripled our e-commerce sales because we where able to find the right SEO partner, which we have been using for over 3 months now. Thanks heaps for a great service!

    Find a consultant who can help your business succeed!

    Whether you are looking for a specialised SEO consultant or a general marketing consultant in Melbourne, Sydney or any other major city in Australia, we will be able to pair you with a professional who meets the specific needs of your business.

    To enquire, simply fill out our online form today and we will get back to you in no time with 3-5 quotes from industry professionals who meet your criteria. Our service is fast, easy and free – so there really is nothing to lose!

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