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What do public relations agencies actually do?

In the digital age where online marketing dominates, public relations agencies are thriving. Differing to advertising companies in that they procure ‘earned’ rather than paid exposure, PR agencies are all about building brand image and consumer rapport. 

If you are looking to build brand image

Improve consumer relations and ensure your business is favourably represented in the public eye, Marketing Quotes can put you in touch with a reputable PR company.

We have links to reputable PR agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and most other capital cities around Australia, allowing us to partner you with a local firm.



What do public relations agencies actually do?

While advertising and PR companies share the same goal – that is, to promote their clients and help ensure business success – public relations agencies set about achieving this goal in a very different manner.
The average PR agency will offer a variety of services, such as:
  • Create and distribute press releases

  • Write speeches

  • Create and shoot publicity videos

  • Create pitches about a firm and send them to journalists

  • Orchestrate events that assist with public outreach and media relations

  • Carry out market research in order to ascertain how effective a firm’s message is

  • Organise personal networking, event attendance and event sponsoring with the aim being to expand business contacts

  • Blogging for the web on both internal and external sites

  • Public relation strategies in the event of a crisis

  • Social media promotions and handling of negative opinions/comments online

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    Businesses should seek the assistance of a PR company

    when they want to protect, enhance or build their reputations via the media. An experienced agency can analyse an organisation, find positive messages, and then transform these messages into positive media stories. If a business is the subject of bad publicity, an experienced firm can devise an appropriate response that works to mitigate damage.

    Looking for a PR firm that offers corporate video production?
    A service offered by many PR agencies, corporate video production is an effective way to promote your business and build brand image.

    Videos are an effective way to get your message across; consumers are far more likely to watch a short video that explains your products or services rather than read an extensive slab of text. Of course, videos can do far more than promote products or services. In a public relations capacity, videography services can be used to capture an event or deliver an insider’s view of how your business operates. Rather than being promotional, these types of videos are about building brand image and trust.

    Corporate videos can be posted on internal and external websites, shared across social media, or even be used as part of a television promotion.

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