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If you own a business, the image of your company greatly relies on your online brand and marketing strategy. If you do not have an effective marketing strategy to promote your products or services, you’re missing out on market share profits simply because your customers cannot find you. We will help you compare marketing quotes with just one simple and free enquiry. Then you will have access to compare up to 5 of Australia's top marketing solutions for your business.

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Marketing Quotes will help you find a certified business advertising agency that is proficient and well-versed with online business advertising. Our verified firms all have high level industry experience and can help you with marketing tactics that have been proven to help grow business exposure since as early as 2000.

We do not make any commisions on any of the solutions our customers choose, therefore it will not be any cheaper if you contact that agency directly - Infact, because agencies are competing with each other, you'll get an even better deal.

Our Marketing agencies are simply charged a small fee to contact you about their custom solution that they believe, will scale your business and online web presence; based on your requirements.


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SEO is a fantastic way to get more exposure and more traffic to your business. Google uses the geolocation of your customers to serve them the most relevant and credible local business. 

Get your business on the map today!

Adwords & Bing Management

Google Adwords is a powerful way to generate immediate traffic to your website. If you are able to profit from the ongoing fees of an Adwords campaign - then the chances are you will want to get your campaign professionally managed to maximise on your returns and cost per acquisition.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Advertising can be strongly focused and highly specific demographic markets and locations.

Therefore being significantly cheaper than advertising on platforms like Google Adwords.

Video Production & PR

Video Advertising is a very effective way to reach your target audience. Youtube being the second most visited website after Google, it's no wonder people love to browse through videos.

As the younger generations are now turning to Youtube as a solution to their queries rather than Google, targeting certain age groups in niche specific industries can be a highly profitable way to advertising to your particular industry.

Direct Marketing

Looking to engage the perfect team of sales guns to set appointments and close deals for you?

Or maybe you're thinking of a direct mail campaign to send flyers directly local businesses. We can help you find your next marketing partner.

Logo & Web Design

Need a new website built? Or maybe you need some flyers and business cards made up for your local or online business.

Graphic designers help give your brand image the definition that it needs, so people can see your brand for what it is.


    A successful marketing tactic is necessary for any online business to explore the marketplace and boost sales. Our business marketing consultants can assist anyone from a first time entrepreneur to large government enterprises to find the right approach for advertising their business and to gain new clients.


    We are living in the digital age; therefore, it is essential for your business to have a strong web presence to continue growing market-share and profits. Finding an influential business marketing agency is the best way to execute an effective marketing strategy that will produce long term ROI. Let us help you find your next partner.

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    Within 2 minutes I received a call to gather information about my requirements, and then I received quotes from 4 reputable digital Agencies. We will be using your service again for our next tender. Thank you.

    I'm a Wedding celebrant Based in Byron Bay. Within 2 hours I had all the research I needed to make a informed marketing decision for my local business. Very seamless and simple quoting process. Highly Recommended! 

    We tripled our e-commerce sales because we where able to find the right SEO partner, which we have been using for over 6 months now. Thanks heaps for a great service!

    We have a family owned door company in Perth, which we decided to expand and sell Australia wide. Michael from Marketing Quotes helped us connect with 5 online marketing providers so we can compare our options. We are now 3 months into our campaigns and things are growing quickly. Great Service!

    Within 2 minutes I received a call to gather information about my requirements, and then I received quotes from 4 reputable digital Agencies. We will be using your service again for our next tender.  - Thank you.

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