10 Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

10 Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Many small business owners come across this issue at one point in time. How to make a marketing campaign that is successful in generating revenue through advertising without spending a lot of money? Well, we have ten essential tips for marketing on a shoestring budget!

1) Elevator pitch

This one must be short and interesting. You must get the attention of the person and engage them instantly. Take your time to design a good elevator pitch which can make a real difference in selling your service or product to them. It is worth it!

2) Community

Thinking on a local base can be really helpful. Marketing on a wide scale is undoubtedly a great thing, but if you narrow down your strategy to the local community, it is better. Get the people in your locality engage with your business. Offer incentives or services with the local trusts, take part in local events and leave coupons or business cards at local hangout places.

3) Collaboration

Look for non-competitive local businesses which can have an advantage if they collaborated with you, and contact them. Using incentives, bundle promotions, coupons, and other offerings, you can enhance both the businesses simultaneously. Social media can be really helpful in this regard. It will increase the customer base; develop a good relationship with other local businesses so that you can branch out.

4) Networking

Networking and communicating is the best way to enhance the business all by you. Developing friendships and sending the word out pertaining to your business organically can help you get many leads. 5) Public speaking At times, people might not be comfortable with public speaking, but if you can do it, it can boost you ahead. Taking part in events and conferences, offering speeches filled with essential information will give your business loyalty and credibility which is hard to get otherwise.

6) Inducing a buzz

You can take your time to polish your PR skills that can be really helpful. You need not hire a firm for doing it. You could do it by yourself through social networks and make use of services such as

7) Referrals

Seeking customer referrals is an amazing idea. For few reasons, people could be reluctant in doing it but you needn’t be. Many people are willing to offer referrals if they’re asked. It doesn’t hurt to give them extra discounts through coupons either.

8) Forming relationships

It is easy to retain an existing customer than getting a new one. Take your time to develop powerful bonds with your current customers and give them reasons to stay loyal to you. They should feel you are trustworthy and you will be there for them. Good customer service can guarantee this.

9) Coupons and incentives

They are handy when it comes to getting new customers. Incentives are great at retaining these customers. Everybody wants to save money or to experience exclusive deals. These can be easy ways of having a regular business.

10) Giveaways

It is yet another easy method of getting customers who will possibly stick around for a long time. Free samples and trials are loved by people. Give it a shot to see how it works!