3 Ways to Create More Content (and Views) from Your Blogs

3 Ways to Create More Content (and Views) from Your Blogs

Are you one of those B2B companies which are relying more on content marketing to generate leads? Do you run hundreds of blogs to impress your audiences, and are still not able to achieve success? Well, here are a few quick ways to do that!

1. Identify Vital Ideas from Your Blogs to Target the Users of Social Media

You should get 10 to 15 important facts, ideas and data quote from the blogs and populate on social media posts. You can pick the sentences with word count less than 140 characters for tweeting on Twitter. However, you can use the right content without character limit on social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also add attractive images to the posts to increase user attention by up to 82%. You can also get the attractive images from other websites online and make some changes to suit your content.

2. Support the Blogs with Visual Content

According to recent surveys, content with useful and compelling images have considerably increased users attention. You can create an infographic by taking useful information from your blogs. You can also hire freelancers to create content for the infographic.

You might also like to create simple videos explaining the features of your products, where to buy and how to get best deals. You can post such useful and engaging videos on social media networks like YouTube and Dailymotion etc. How about creating presentations and share the presentation on Slideshare? Nowadays, millions of users are searching and viewing the videos of various products before taking a purchase decision. Therefore, visual content plays a vital role in improving awareness about your products and services and increases conversion rates several times. Hence, posting visual content is one of the best-recommended rates to increase conversion rate.

3. Seek The Help Of Experts To Create An Expert Blog Post

You can reach the experts in your field and coauthors by asking few questions on social media. You can also hire the services of virtual assistants or freelancers for researching and reaching the right coauthors. The next step is to create a blog using the collected answers and sharing them on social media. You can also request others to share your blogs and increase the reach.

It is one of the best ways to increase reach even with a small budget. Traditional marketing is expensive. As a result, more businesses are shifting to content marketing. It is cost effective and generates more leads when compared to traditional modes of marketing. In addition, it generates organic traffic to your site for a longer duration. Simply publishing a blog will not help you to attract traffic. Sharing the blogs and attracting with useful information and attractive images is vital to lure visitors and increase conversion rate. The blog should be search engine friendly. The freelance writers use the researched keywords to get noticed and listed on the first page results of the search engines. Therefore, videos and infographics along with content play a vital role to improve revenues.