5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Instant Articles

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Instant Articles

With the emergence of Instant Articles, Facebook is letting everyone collaborate their content through the quick-loading mobile responsive format. With instant articles, the loading time of the content is significantly reduced while the publishers are provided with a wide range of design features for mobile friendliness on Facebook, enhancing the whole experience for users. However, what are the advantages for publishers from this Instant articles? We will tell you why you need to be using them!

1) Increasing count of mobile users

The count of mobile users is dramatically increasing in recent times. After 2014, number of mobile users are more than the number of desktop users and it is now a mobile world. And apart from number of users, more time is also being spent on the digital media through the mobile platform. This growth in number is not going to slow down anytime soon. The present data and upcoming predictions signify that your content must be mobile ready. Quick loading time and amazing user experience are what people need now!

There are plenty of apps available for android users but only some are used by a large number of people. With an Instant Articles powered by Facebook, you don’t just compete with thousands of apps but will also have to manage to stay on the top once the apps are installed. Facebook is the most used app on smartphones and it stays on top for a reason. Hence, Facebook instant articles would give your content good viewership.