6 Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Australian Businesses

6 Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Australian Businesses

Cloud computing is rapidly growing in popularity nowadays. For those who don’t already know what it is, Cloud here refers to the internet. Cloud hosting is a way of using the internet to keep websites online. Unlike with traditional web hosting, cloud hosting allows your website to share multiple servers. The internet connects a network of servers, which will work together to keep your site online.

Cloud hosting is faster than traditional types of plans. That’s why more and more businesses are depending on it. A large number of businesses in the UK and the US are already using cloud. Soon, the trend will likely come to hosting Australia plans as well. In case you are considering switching your hosting plan to cloud, here are many benefits of cloud hosting to be aware of:

1. Flexible Bandwidth

One of the biggest downsides of traditional hosting plans is fixed bandwidth. If your site suddenly experiences a spike in traffic that exceeds your plan’s set bandwidth limit, your site will go offline. That scenario will hurt the brand and sales. Cloud plans offer flexible bandwidth limits to match the traffic demand. As mentioned before, cloud plans connect your site to a network of servers. If the traffic demand gets too high, remote servers can step in to handle the demand and keep your site online. There’s little to no chance of your site going offline with a cloud hosting plan. These plans are highly agile and flexible enough for high-demand sites to get the best returns for money spent.

2. Affordable Backup and Recovery

With traditional plans, disaster recovery and backup can cost extra. The amount can be quite unbearable for some small businesses. While cloud hosting plans can be expensive, they include disaster recovery and cloud-based backup options that doesn’t cost extra. Even if these features are not originally included in the plan, obtaining them is far more affordable for smaller companies with cloud hosting plans.

3. Servers are Updated Automatically

When you purchase a cloud hosting plan, the servers you depend on would be located elsewhere. You might never even get to see a server. The advantage here is that servers are automatically upgraded with security and other software. You don’t have to spend money on maintenance to update the server security. In this sense, cloud hosting plans are very much cost-effective.

4. No Hardware Costs

Cloud hosting plans largely rely on the internet and software. So, businesses do not need to spend huge swaths of money on maintaining and installing expensive hardware. Subscription plans may not require hardware costs at all.

5. Increased Access

The advantage of the cloud is that you can access software anytime from anywhere. You can also use almost any internet-enabled device to access apps. Cloud hosting is no exception. As long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to server software.

6. Collaboration Enabled

More and more people can collaborate on the same project with cloud-based hosting plans. Plans often include sharing apps and software that allow teams to work together. The system will have an admin who will be able to control levels of access. People can view and make updates in real time to files.

Cloud hosting indeed offers many desirable benefits to companies. If your business has a very busy website that sometimes experiences spikes in traffic, then it’s probably time to switch to a cloud hosting plan.