7 Productivity Tools You Should Start Using in 2017

7 Productivity Tools You Should Start Using in 2017

All set to take your productivity to an all-new level in 2017? Well, all the best! But, how do you plan to do that? We would suggest you make the most out of productivity tools which not only aim to streamline your operations but also speed them up. Here is a list of 7 productivity tools you need to have your hands on.

1. Zapier

It is one of the best tools to automate processes among various applications. It can be used for performing simple tasks like downloading an attachment or you could choose to integrate Zapier with other third party applications for boosting automation. Therefore, Zapier helps you to automate all of the back office jobs in your business and improves productivity.

2. Github

It is another best tool to improve your productivity with ease. This tool can be used to develop software as well as web applications. Individuals can also use this tool to find, browse and share projects. It allows viewing and editing files. You can create private and public projects on your Github. It also serves as a perfect repository for a lot of code snippets, open source projects and coding styles for your project.

3. Basecamp

It is one of best project management apps for project coders and project managers like you. If you are working on a project and creating client email list, you cannot remember and scan everything. Basecamp helps to easily manage the project to help more clients’ signup for an email newsletter on your site and create a contact list. You can further give a meaningful name to the project for a more personalized experience.

4. Slack

If you are a leader and like to bring all stuff at one place to get the work done, Slack is the right tool for you. It makes your work simpler and more productive. It is one of the best online collaborative apps. It allows group communications. For example, you can start a group conversation for your marketing. You can instruct a group of people to perform a specific task such as creating a sales plan for the coming fiscal and circulate among all the departments in your company.
This tool also allows sending private messages to individual members in a group using an instant messaging facility. It also allows sharing files. The slack tool can be installed with ease on Android, iOS, and Windows Phones as well as on computers.

5. Trello

It is another best tool for more collaborative work. It lets you create lists, boards, and cards for organization and collaboration of projects with ease. For example, you can create an employee manual using Trello. It can be accessed, searched and updated anywhere. It consists of important forms, policies, and documents.

6. Jira

It is one of the best planning tools for development. You can try this software for free. Every member of your software team can make use of Jira for planning, tracking and releasing software. You can also make use of a mobile version of this tool for use while on the move.

7. Toggl

Time is very important for increasing productivity. This tool helps to track the time with ease and manage both new and old clients. So which tool is your favourite and why? Do let us know in the comments!