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5 Ways to go Viral on LinkedIn
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5 Ways to go Viral on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform which is used for professional networking. The service enables the users to create profiles and connections that build professional relationships. When on a social site, people compete to get the attention of the world. One way of doing this is to make your content go viral and win people’s hearts. Discussed below are 5 ways to go viral on LinkedIn. Ways to go viral on LinkedIn

1. Spreading the message When the message you posted get likes and comments, you can be sure that it has reached the people connected to you. When a person with 1,000 connections likes your post, the post automatically reaches his 1,000 connections. You can further spread the message by adding “share” button on your post. When people share your post, you are exposed to larger audiences.

2. Sponsored In-mail Engage in Linkedin groups and create engaging content. With consistency you will get more professionals connecting with you and seeking your professional advice and opinioun. This can also work well for building a personal brand, and making great connections.

3. Add an element of charity This is one of the best among the 5 ways to go viral on LinkedIn. Giving a charity element to your post attracts a lot of people. For example, you can ask the audience to upload something with your hashtag for which you will be giving a specific amount for a charitable cause. This way, you will get an exposure and people feel contented on being a part of charity work.

4. Right timing The time at which you put up a post is very important. It is observed that if you post something during regular business hours and the middle of the week, more people tend to notice it. When you get a response, take the time to reply to those. This is an interesting way to start an engaging conversation. You can even send a personalized message about your new post to people who responded to your previous ones. Making the audience feel special is a tactic which promises success.

5. Promote on other platforms Using different social media sites, it is possible to generate traffic to your posts. You can promote your LinkedIn posts on other social platforms like Twitter. For this, you may use a one-liner that seeks attention. Ensure that along with the promotional sentence, you tag @LinkedInEditors.

These 5 ways to go viral on LinkedIn are just the simple initiatives you could take. There are more ways of pulling traffic to your posts. The truth is that if your content is interesting, people will automatically come to you no matter what. Remember to be thankful for your audience so that they keep on helping your content go viral.

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