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Five Essential Reputation Management Tools
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Reputation Management

Five Essential Reputation Management Tools

It takes years of efforts for a company to build a strong brand image and goodwill. Only those companies that have performed well over the years can build a good reputation. But the worst part is that only one second is all it takes to spoil the reputation of your business. Yes! A negative review on the website of your company is sufficient to spoil the brand image of your company that you have built over the years. However, it doesn’t mean your company ends there. It all lies in how well you manage the reputation spoiling elements of your company and that is where Reputation Management Tools come into the picture!

Top 5 Essential Reputation Management Tools

1) can make reviews work in your favor in a simple way. All it does is it focuses more on the satisfied and happy customers than those who are not very happy with your company. It doesn’t mean that totally puts an end to negative reviews. What it does is to encourage the satisfied customers to leave a positive feedback by making use of the “Review funnel”. The review funnel keeps reminding the customers to leave a feedback by giving them step by step guidelines. The review funnel thus filters most of the negative reviews.

2) Reputology

This is one of the cheapest reputation management tools that are available today. It also offers various advantages like sending the email alerts to your customers automatically, daily monitoring of reviews, reporting, and analytics, keeping track of your active viewers etc. It has advanced text analytics software that can help you to discover the reasons for complaints and compliments. These reasons can help you to know where you stand and what you can do to improve.

3) Awario

You cannot concentrate on the reviews that you are getting from various social media platforms all at once. Here’s where Awario pitches in. This amazing software can feature continuous monitoring of the important keywords of your company across billions of web pages and instantly tells you whenever there is a talk about your company on any online platform. Thus you are always updated about your online presence and poke your nose into those talks if found necessary.

4) Yotpo

The Yotpo software is very affordable to use and its features are the most basic ones that every company must have. It has software that automatically sends out review requests to your customers’ mail IDs. Another striking feature of this tool is that it allows you to customize the product reviews that are available on your site. Thus you can arrange the reviews in the smartest way so as to draw more attention to the positive reviews.

5) Review trackers

This software helps you by showing all the customer reviews into one single centralized dashboard. It automatically tracks some of the major review websites like Google, Facebook, Yelp etc. the best part is that it is mobile friendly and you can see it on your mobile phone to in real time. This helps in giving speedy responses to both positive and negative reviews.

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