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6 Factors in Solution Based Selling

6 Factors in Solution Based Selling

Whilst every presentation you make to your prospects will be different and handled case by case, there are some core guidelines which may seem obvious for any marketing professional. Outlined below are 6 tips we believe to be the cornerstone for winning opportunities in the Marketing industry.

Our goal is to help you improve your sales team's performance, so that you can win more opportunities and continue to grow with us.

Although there are many underlying factors as to why a customer may choose to partner with another Agency, understanding these 6 points will help you win more opportunities, as customer will come to trust you and your company a lot more.


1. The difference between a "lead" and an "opportunity".

The way that we attract our opportunities is via means of inbound marketing with 1 core message: "Compare the best marketing companies in Australia".

Therefore it is important to help your sales team understand and prioritise our customers, as they are not just a "Lead", rather they are qualified opportunities with a genuine need, budget and approximate start date. Last month we rejected more than 50% of our enquiries which did not "qualify" as an opportunity and never made it inside our "portal".

Referring to our customers as "leads" is not correct, and should be adjusted within your sales team approach.  

Identifying with the customer that you understand their problem and can relate to it... will help you move the customer into a state of "venting" where they will be describing their problems, and you will be the "friend" on the other side to help them with a solution.

Remember that people do not buy on Logic, they buy on emotion. Therefore it is your job to understand their emotional triggers, and genuinely provide a solution to help them achieve their business goals.


2. Ensure you have the customer's full undivided attention. 

Although this is a no brainer, I've personally consulted for several agencies that will take the ball and run with their sales pitch regardless if the customer is in a position to talk or not. Customers that are driving or on a job site will regularly ask you to "send them an email" after the call is done which greatly reducing the chances of closing the deal on the phone. If you can hear the customer isn't in the best position to talk, re-schedule a time to call them back to discuss their needs. 


3. If possible, meet the customer in person.

Although this is not usually required, organising a face to face meeting to discuss your customers needs in person has always significantly improved the conversion rate of a presentation. The fact is, we feel much more inclined to trust someone who can listen to our problems, understand and relate to them before trying to provide a solution. Remember that 'what you say' really only amounts to around 10% of the customers buying decision. The rest is reliant on body language, tonality and confidence. 


4. Provide testimonials of your work.

In this day and age, customers a sceptical for any statement you may make to them (rightly so).

They are much more inclined to believe you if your statements are backed by real stories of real people that you and your company have helped. The best way to handle this is to confirm the suspicions of the customer and to provide them with real people, that have achieved real results using your services. Ensuring that you do not promise anything you cannot deliver on, but rather the customer understands that no one can give them 'guaranteed results'. However you do have all the tools, data and resources to help them achieve the best possible outcome.


5. Genuinely care and LISTEN to the customer's desires.

Again this is standard sales 101. We see this happen all the time where the sales person is so focused on pitching their products or ideas, but has not fully uncovered where the customers pain actually stems from. As sales consultants sometimes if we have been consulting for a prolonged period of time, we make the mistake of assuming the customer has the same problem that can be fixed by the same solution - this is far from true. Every business is different and has different challenges.

If you do not un-cover the real reason i.e (what's below the iceberg) the customer will feel like your solution is "out of the box" and you have not properly assessed their business concerns and challenges. You will probably be asked to followup at a later date, only to relies that the customer engaged with another company...but why...You failed to connect with them on a deeper more emotional level.

6. Focus on the Follow-up

The follow-up is just as important (if not more important) than the initial conversation. Upon concluding your initial call if you are unable to convert the customer, you should thank them for their time, and ask for an appropriate time and date for you to follow-up and discuss next steps. I always used to ask my customers to give me a "yes" or a "no" when I call them back. Customers will appreciate your firmness and will respect your time. Otherwise, you'll end up getting the "run around".



Although this may seem like a very generic approach to selling digital services in Australia, I personally have found these to be the most crucial points to move a customer from a prospect to a paying client.

There are many other aspects of a sale like understanding buyer personas, and extensive NLP patterns. There is no "tricking" someone to buy what you have to offer. The best way to approach each of our opportunities is with an open mind, asking the right questions to understand the customers  business and relate to their past failures. Presenting a solution without first uncovering what's beneath the iceberg is a very ineffective and obsolete way to sell Marketing. 

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