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Direct marketing, as the name suggests, is all about making direct contact with current and potential clients in order to promote your business’s products and services.
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What types of direct marketing services are available?

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Flyer printing

Brochure and flyer printing, leaflet drops and letters are all techniques used for direct mail campaigns. Businesses send physical flyers by post (or letterbox drop) to current or potential clients on their mailing list, delivering a personalised message. This if often suited to small businesses targeting their local area, especially if the target demographic isn’t as technologically savvy.


Telemarketing isn’t all about cold calling people at dinner time. Effective telemarketing reaches out to an audience that is likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This particular lead generation method is popular with B2B sales; however it is only as effective as the pitch of the telemarketer. If you are interested in B2B marketing via this strategy, selecting the right telemarketing company is critical.

Mobile and SMS advertising

Mobile marketing is a cost effective way to reach people on your mailing list. Less disruptive than telemarketing, it’s a great way for businesses to promote upcoming sales, promotions and events.

Email campaigns

Electronic direct marketing (EDM) campaigns are essentially the digital version of flyer drops. An EDM campaign will include a carefully crafted email, as well as auxiliary advertising methods such as remarketing, PPC, social media and even offline advertising. EDM campaigns are designed to deliver one of two outcomes for business: they either build brand loyalty (service-based companies) or generate sales (ecommerce businesses).

Door to door marketing

While door knocking may seem archaic in the digital age, it works surprisingly well for certain businesses targeting particular demographics. In a similar vein to telemarketing, door to door marketing is only as effective as the salesperson – so it is important to choose carefully.

Primary advantage of this advertising method is that it allows you to target specific people with a personalised message.

Whether you are interested in advertising to consumers or wish to engage in business to business marketing, Marketing Quotes can put you in touch with a market research company that is able to address your requirements.

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If you are looking to take your business to the next level, professional assistance is often required. With so many different advertising mediums available, it can be hard for businesses to determine which strategy (or combination of strategies) is best suited to their needs.

An experienced market research company will be able to analyse your business and ascertain which advertising medium is likely to generate the best results. If you are looking to engage professional marketing for your small business, we can partner you with a company that meets your exacting requirements.

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