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What types of direct marketing services are available?

Direct marketing, as the name suggests, is all about making direct contact with current and potential clients in order to promote your business’s products and services. 
Primary advantage of this advertising method is that it allows you to target specific people with a personalised message.

Whether you are interested in advertising to consumers or wish to engage in business to business marketing, Marketing Quotes can put you in touch with a market research company that is able to address your requirements. 

Within 2 minutes I received a call to gather information about my requirements, and then I received quotes from 4 reputable digital Agencies. We will be using your service again for our next tender. Thank you.


I'm a Wedding celebrant Based in Byron Bay. Within 2 hours I had all the research I needed to make a informed marketing decision for my local business. Very seamless and simple quoting process. Highly Recommended! 


We tripled our e-commerce sales because we where able to find the right SEO partner, which we have been using for over 6 months now. Thanks heaps for a great service!


We have a family owned door company in Perth, which we decided to expand and sell Australia wide. Jordan from Marketing Quotes helped us connect with 5 online marketing providers so we can compare our options. We are now 3 months into our campaigns and things are growing quickly. Great Service!

We’ll partner you with a small business marketing expert

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, professional assistance is often required. With so many different advertising mediums available, it can be hard for businesses to determine which strategy (or combination of strategies) is best suited to their needs.

An experienced market research company will be able to analyse your business and ascertain which advertising medium is likely to generate the best results. If you are looking to engage professional marketing for your small business, we can partner you with a company that meets your exacting requirements.

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