How to Run Effective Instagram Ads

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How to Run Effective Instagram Ads

Since the time it was launched, Instagram has widened in great proportions. Currently, there are about 400 million visitors who visit the site every month. These are the people who are fond of visual perspectives that the site offers. More than 800 images are added every day on Instagram and that is why Instagram captures our globe in a ‘never seen ever’ way. Instagram now offers posts that are sponsored, just like Facebook does. Despite the fact that there will be vast differences in the brands, the ads are successful because there are plenty of things in common between them. We will tell you what factors make Instagram ads outstanding!

1) Wrap the ads around your all-over marketing strategy

Like any other form of digital and social advertising, Instagram ads must not be created pointlessly. The ads must follow the brand strategy of the company as well as the marketing strategy. They must themselves support the premises of the brand, with your Call to Action which feels right and natural for the brand.

2) Images must be the core of the campaign

Effective Instagram ads rely on a single image to entice viewers to respond. The images are central to the call to action. A standout image will get more viewer attention. Try using images specifically taken for Instagram campaigns. Stiff product shots, close crops, unusual angles and other things impart motion and energy, thereby creating curiosity in the minds of the viewers which can be satisfied with just a click.

3) Make use of keywords as well as hashtags

Hashtags are the keyword phrases typed after the sign # which makes users classify content as per their interests. What you must know is hashtags aren’t just meant for twitter. Even the Instagram advertisers can use hashtags to make their own content appear when certain things are searched. Tapping on the hashtag will bring the users to a lineup which shows all pictures tagged with the same hashtag. Hence, you must decide where your image must show up.

4) The social media statistics

Many social network sites offer data on posts which perform great for you, and they also provide you the times and days when the posts garnered highest clicks, views or shares. Make use of this data to construct a proper ad campaign around times and days when people may respond the most.

5) Run a test

Just like other social media campaigns, a lot can be learnt from testing your campaign. Once a benchmark ad is established, run your ads against that threshold to verify the results. Check if the response rate is higher.

Make use of these Instagram tips to run ads efficiently.