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Often referred to as the cornerstone of online marketing, search marketing is an effective strategy that can help your business gain important online exposure. In a nutshell, SEO marketing is the process of altering a website so that it ranks highly with the major search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) in relation to relevant key phrases for your industry. The benefit of achieving a high search engine results page (SERP) ranking is obvious; when your website is on the first page of Google, you’re essentially placing your business in front of those who are actually looking for what you have to offer. The result? An increase in highly relevant website traffic and greater online exposure for your brand.

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Elements of an SEO Campaign

Inbound links

Also referred to as backlinks, these are essentially links placed on other sites that direct back to your site. They help to improve site authority, as it shows that other sites are ‘talking’ about your website.

Offsite citations

These are basically the same as backlinks, minus the links. Simply put, they are ‘mentions’ of your site on another site (e.g. directory listings) and work to help boost site authority.

On-page content

The content on your website needs to position your business as an industry source, as well as answer the search queries posed by potential customers.

Backend optimisation

The backend of a website also needs to be optimised. This includes the site structure; Google needs to be able to find and crawl each page accurately.

Blog posts

In addition to on-page content, a blog is a good way to regularly update your site with fresh content which can help your website get indexed more frequently.

Social media

An active social presence (when linked to your business website) is an effective way to help boost site authority.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is an effective marketing strategy that can assist in developing your brand’s online presence. An effective SEO campaign will ensure your site appears at the top of Google Giving you top market-share and exposure. If you’re looking to enhance your online marketing strategy and want to compare SEO services, Marketing Quotes is your leading information source.

If you are planning to optimise your business’s web presence, SEO is usually your best option. While it’s possible to orchestrate a campaign in-house, it can be time consuming and costly – especially if you have to hire specialist staff. Outsourcing to a reputable SEO company is generally a more affordable and effective option.

We can provide you with free SEO marketing quotes from around Australia, ensuring you find an affordable SEO company that meets both your needs and budget. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, SEO Sydney, Darwin, Hobart, Perth or a regional town, we can put you in touch with a reputable agency that serves your area.

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Search engine optimisation is an effective marketing strategy for small businesses and large organisations alike. If you’re thinking about implementing an optimisation strategy for your website, it’s important to ensure you choose the right SEO company. There are many digital agencies out there that offer cheap SEO services, but some are certainly better than others; you often get what you pay for.

Unusually cheap SEO companies often cut corners or engage in black hat techniques, which can prove detrimental to your site long-term. For guaranteed SEO results, you are better off comparing a number of services to find one that meets both your needs and budget.

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We’ll get in touch with you to ascertain your business requirements free of charge, before identifying which companies are suitable. These agencies will then contact you with their solution and quote – it’s as simple as that.

We can provide you with a number of search engine optimisation quotes, whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin or even Perth. There’s no easier way to compare SEO services here in Australia!

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